Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tip #8: Use Brochures to Advertise

Another marketing idea I had, which is turning out somewhat successful, is to create a brochure that features all of my books and offers my services as a public speaker. I have begun emailing them to every school, library and bookstore in the state of South Carolina and plan on moving to other states after that. So far I’ve had two schools email me about buying my books or giving a presentation.

To create a brochure cost effectively, I just used Microsoft Powerpoint to create the front and back of the brochure and then saved them as a JPEG at 300 DPI. Your Microsoft program may not automatically save at 300 DPI in which case you will have to configure it.

After creating the brochure in Powerpoint, I then loaded it to Every time there is a sale, I order more brochures. I’ve gotten a few hundred for only the cost of shipping.

I carry some brochures with me in the car and any time someone is curious about my writing I hand them one. I find it’s a little better than a business card because it features all 12 of my books. And since they were free, I don’t mind handing them out.

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