Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tip #12: Write and Submit a Press Release Any Time You Can.

Press releases are the bane of my existence and I’m not even sure how effective they are, but everything I read tells me I should be writing them and sending them off. There are countless times when you can send a press release, but since I don’t even really like writing them in the first place, I will be limiting them to the following occasions:

A new book release

A new milestone (10,000 books sold)

Winning an Award

Giving a Speech

Where do you send them once you have them written? You can start with your local media. If they care about that type of thing, they will run it or even call you for an interview. If they don't (like the media in my area) then, hey, you just got practice writing another press release. There are also several online outlets where you can submit a press release.

Check my Pages menu to see a sample press release.

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