Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tip #19: The Power of Free

Giving away free eCopies of your book may seem counterproductive at first, but I honestly think it is the one thing that has increased my sales the most. When I gave away Ain’t No Sunshine for free on Amazon, I sold over 400 copies of Guardian of Eden that month. It also garnered over 100 reviews that month. After it went back to paid, it became my bestseller…and still is six months later.

Going free works best when you have several books to offer. If a reader gets your book for free and like it, they’ll be more inclined to buy one of your other books. Make sure your free book has links to your other books at the end. If you have a series of books, you might consider putting book one for free. I did this with my Priscilla the Great series and it drastically increased sales for books two and three. When all five books are out, I’ll do it again.

There are two ways you can go free. Distribute to Barnes and Noble through Smashwords. Set the price for free on Smashwords, then let Amazon know through their “tell us about a lower price” feature so that they price match it.

Another way to set your book to free is to sign up for Amazon’s KDP Select program. This allows you to set your book for free for five days out of an exclusive 90 day period. When your book is in the Select program, it cannot be distributed electronically anywhere else on the internet.

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