Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tip #17: Your Realistic Marketing Goals

Having goals is very important in marketing. You have to have some realistic goals so that you know what you’re working toward. They have to be realistic so that you don’t feel like you’re never accomplishing anything. I set my goals based on what I’ve accomplished in the past. I’m currently sitting at 8,763 overall sales. So my first goal is to hit 10,000 sales. I also want to get to a point where I’m consistently selling 1000 books a month from at least ten books. Which means for 2012, I want to reach a total of 12k books sold. To accomplish this, these are some of my 2012 marketing goals:

Blog every day

Send newsletters at least twice per month

Host giveaways at least twice per month

Build twitter, facebook, blog, and newsletter following

Attend five book fairs

Have ten school/library visits

Contact every middle school and library in the state of South Carolina

I will probably add to these as the year goes on. But at least I have a starting point.

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