Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tip #10: Where to Look for Speaking Engagements

When starting to give speaking engagements, determine what your main goal is. Are you looking to make money, gain publicity, or sell books? Ideally, you’ll be able to do all three. But if you are unknown and marketing your first book, you may want to consider doing speaking engagements for free. When I first started, I offered my services to schools and libraries for free in exchange for being able to sell my books to the students who attended. A lot of the times, the school or library would give me a donation anyway. It was a win-win situation. Now that I’ve been doing this for over a year and I have the speech giving thing down, I feel I should be charging for my expertise. We’ll see how that goes.

Since I write a lot of Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction, schools are where I target for pursuing speaking engagements. If you write adult fiction, aim for public libraries or think outside the box. For example, if you write a book where your main character loves to garden, why not target gardening clubs?

One thing you should remember is to bring a signup sheet for your newsletter to all your engagements. Tomorrow I’ll talk about a few things your newsletter

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