Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tip #11: What to include in a Newsletter?

I have a semimonthly Priscilla the Great newsletter and I just started a Leslie DuBois newsletter. My plan was to only send newsletters every month at most so as not to annoy readers, but I recently read that a monthly or quarterly newsletter is a waste of time and that the newsletter needs to be weekly. So for my Priscilla the Great newsletter, I am trying to send it out more often and trying to coincide the mailings with all the giveaways I’m having on my blog.

Priscilla the Great is a fun middle grade book so I make sure the newsletter is just as fun. There are games, competitions, and lots of giveaways. My Leslie DuBois newsletter is an update for new releases. For both newsletters, I am sure to offer free copies of books to subscribers. People who subscribe to your newsletter are people who already like you. So use them as a first source for reviews. When you have a new release, why not give your newsletter subscribers free copies so that they can leave you reviews. Once you are more established and have a few thousand subscribers, that could possibly turn in to a few thousand immediate sales for your new release.

To create my newsletters, I use a service called MailChimp. They are very user friendly and they create very professional layouts. And it’s free up to a few thousand sends each month.

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