Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tip #1: Create a Website

This goes without saying. You need a central location where people can find out about you. Even if you have a blog, I think you still need a website. A website is more static and doesn’t need to be updated very often whereas a blog can change daily. They serve two different purposes. A blog is used more for interaction with your fans.

Now there is an easy way and a hard way to doing your website. If you create your own website from scratch, you won’t spend much money, but in can take hours to get your site just right. When I first started this writing endeavor, I spent hours and hours writing code to have a fancy flash website. Then I would spend hours each month updating said website. For my Priscilla the Great website, I hired a professional and it came out beyond perfect. Though it was expensive, it was worth it to save me the coding. Now for my personal websites, I just use an easy template site called It’s free and it’s easy for me to make changes without having to write code. There are many free ways to create a professional looking website. My only recommendation is that you buy your own domain. Having a website that says webs or weebly or even wix in the address just looks unprofessional. I own as well as and then I use a redirect to send it to my wix site. I really don’t care about masking the address after that so long as all someone has to do is type in to get to the right place.

If you want to buy your domain, you may want to use I find them easy to work with and always available to answer questions. CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR JUSTHOST.COM

Come back tomorrow to find out the easy way to blog.

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