Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tip #3 Do's and Don'ts of Twitter

I’m actually not a big fan of twitter but it is moderately useful in marketing. There are a few things you should remember in the Twitter world. The most important is: DO NOT CONSTANTLY POST TWEETS ABOUT YOUR BOOK. People will quickly tire of you and unfollow you. I honestly think people would rather hear random tweets about how you burnt your tongue on your morning cup of coffee than being constantly bombarded by “Buy my book” tweets. Of course, occasionally you have to tell people where to buy your book. But I try to think of twitter more as a place to relay witty commentary about my life and to “Pay it Forward” for other authors. I try to post as much about other authors as I do about myself.

If you have no idea where to begin with Twitter, you can get started by following some of your favorite authors and seeing how they handle twitter.

Once again, you can get yourself on a schedule for twitter and post tweets in advance. I do this for special days like Follow Friday and Writer Wednesday. There are many free websites you can use to schedule your twitter posts. My favorite right now is HootSuite.



Follow authors and other people you are interested in

Interact with your followers

Post regularly

Be Courteous. Send thank you's whenever someone retweets you

Try to promote fellow authors

Tweet when you have a new blog post

Tweet your new release

Tweet your promotions


Spam people

And that's basically it. Tomorrow I'll talk about Facebook and some things that have worked for me.

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