Monday, January 2, 2012

Tip #28: How to Build Your Fan Base One Email at a Time

Every time a fan emails you complimenting you on your work or asking when the next book is coming out, you should be adding them to a list. I personally keep two lists. One for my official newsletter and one that is more casual. The people on my official newsletter list have explicitly signed up for it. Everyone else goes on the casual list.
Why do you want such a list? Well, eventually you want to grow this list into the thousands. Then when you have a new release, you let them know and you could potentially have thousands of sales with just the click of a send button. You may also want to send free copies to this email list in exchange for honest reviews.
You have to start somewhere. Don’t be ashamed if your list only has five people on it to start with. My Leslie DuBois list only has 26 people and my Priscilla the Great list has 337. Nothing huge, but each of those people are loyal fans and potential instant sales for when I launch my next book. If I have to add to that list one person at a time, so be it. At least then I’ll know that each of those people are true fans and really interested in what I have to say next.
Three tips for growing your email list
· Bring a sign up sheet to every speaking engagement.
· Occasionally post tweets or facebook updates about your newsletter.
· Hold a giveaway in which one of the ways to enter is to sign up for your newsletter.
Come back tomorrow to find out how this list is an important part of your "no muss no fuss" book launch.

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