Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tip #22: The Second Most Effective Way to Market Your Book

Buying a sponsorship on one of the popular eReader sites is the second most effective marketing venture you can choose. I stand by the fact that going free is the first only because you reach thousands of readers and you didn’t have to pay for the exposure. You might think that you lose sales from going free, but let’s face it, most of the time the people who are picking up your book for free would not have paid for it ever.

A sponsorship is just as effective as going free because it gets your book out in front of thousands of readers, but the only difference is you have to pay for this exposure. And in some cases, you pay a lot. The current most popular site is Pixel of Ink. It costs over $250 for a one day feature there. Kindle Nation Daily is also around $200. You will probably get the most bang for your buck from Ereader News Today. They charge about $50 to $100 and they have hundreds of thousands of followers. Once, my book was mentioned in passing on that site and I sold 50 copies in under an hour. That was some accidental free exposure and it was awesome. Daily Cheap Reads is another one to check out.


These sites book up quickly. I’m pretty sure ENT is booked for the rest of the year and it is only January. That is how popular it is. KND and POI might have some openings left this year, but you need to book now. Even if you aren’t finished writing your book, but you think you will have it polished and edited by, say, August, go ahead and book it now.

Some of these sites have rating requirements. For example, in order to be featured on POI, I think you need to have 10 reviews and higher than a four star rating.

Most of these sites do not accept erotica or controversial material. Be sure to check the requirements before you pay.

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