Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tip #56: Create a Book Fair Experience

Everyone has heard of the Scholastic Book Fairs. My daughter has even brought home one of those book order catalogs for her school. I've looked over that brochure practically salivating at the idea of my books being included. But, alas, it will probably take an arm and a kidney to get picked up by Scholastic. Instead, I had an idea to kind of piggy back off of their success. One thing that is lacking from those book fairs is an author connection. So I will be offering schools a unique author experience to enhance their already scheduled book fairs. For a small fee of $200, I will visit the school during their book fair and offer lectures, workshops and book signings. I will also offer the school 10% of the profits for all of my book sales. Two hundred dollars for five days of visits is a steal. Plus, if I sell a bunch of books, they can potentially make money.

This is just an idea and I have no experience in this area, but I will be trying it out along with a few other local authors to see how it will work out. I've already started creating our official website and I will be starting to contact school sometime next month.

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