Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Pricing Analysis

I go back and forth as to what the price of my ebooks should be. I see books published from the Big6 with hefty price tags of $9.99 or more. Personally, I think that is way too much for an ebook. But then again, lately, many people have been associating the 99cent price tag with inferior quality. I don't want to come off as a cheap inferior book, but I also don't want to price myself out of range and completely kill my sales.

What complicates matters more is that I absolutely sell more books at $.99 than I do at higher prices. Proof of this is my incredible sales for February. I sold 3308 books in the month of February alone. At that time, all of my books were priced $0.99 or free with the exception of books in a series. I always price sequels higher.

For March, I did not do the $0.99 thing and I also only went free for a couple of days. I sold 1973 books in March and I made about $700 less during the month. The numbers are not quite that bad especially considering I did tons of promotion in February and I did very little in March.

Right now I am 294 books away from 15k overall sales. So I think I'm going to reduce my prices to $0.99 in order to speed up my sales numbers until I reach that goal. I have a big Kindle Fire promotion starting Mid April so this should be another big marketing month for me. We'll see how it goes.

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