Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tip #55: Press Releases That Work!

Recently I have been lamenting about how my local newspaper has never done a story on me or my writing despite the fact that I have been sending them press releases for over two years. Well, today I finally got a phone call from a reporter requesting an interview. Do you want to know why? The librarian for the school I spoke at last week wrote a press releases about my visit and the reporter found it and was interested. So 10 press releases from me and nothing. One press release from a librarian....BAM! interview. So my tip for today is to politely suggest that 'important' people write press releases for you. Every time you have a speaking engagement, ask the coordinator of that engagement to write the press release. It may even help to have a sample press releases written for them that they can just tweak to their liking.

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