Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tip #52 Evaluate and Adjust

I recently had three giveaways that I tried to do on my own. Meaning, I wasn’t connected to a larger blog hop which I have previously done successfully. My Kindle Fire giveaway garnered 1800 entries. My Celebrate Black Books Giveaway on Priscilla’s blog garnered 20 entries and the one on this blog garnered zero. That’s right, zero. I am going to assume that the difference in response is due to the prize and not that people are not interested in black literature. Everything else was relatively the same. I advertised the same way. I even went a step further and bought a targeted ad on Facebook to publicize it. Still I had no results from it. I think the failure of this giveaway might have been the root cause of why I stopped blogging for a couple of weeks. I was quite disappointed. But I have to hop back up and keep going. I have to aiming for my next goal which is my 10k sales giveaway through LPP and a huge giveaway or blog tour to celebrate the release of book 5 of Priscilla the Great. For these upcoming giveaways, I’m going to skip the facebook ad and direct all my extra funds to offering a great prize.

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