Tuesday, August 7, 2012


So I'm attempting something new today. I really want a collectors edition of the first five books of the Priscilla the Great series with hardcovers and brand new artwork. I estimate that the entire project will cost me around $6000. So instead of putting myself in debt, I'm going to give crowdfunding a try. I did a little research and decided to go with Kickstarter. The way the program works is that you explain what you need the money for and then offer a series of rewards for people who decide to back you financially. If you raise the money, you are responsible for getting all the rewards to the backers. If you don't raise the money, all bets are off and no one gets anything. So I figure I have nothing to lose. But now that the program is running, I'm not really sure how to go about promoting it. I'm too afraid that it seems like begging. Anyway, check it out if you have a moment.

Sybil's Kickstarter Page

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Authors Around the World

In addition to winning a Kindle Fire from the Authors around the World blog, I also wanted to give you an opportunity to win a $15 Amazon gift card. This just might be the easiest giveaway you've ever entered. All you have to do is connect with me through some social media and you're entered! Contest ends August 12th. Just fill out the rafflecopter form below. And be sure to check out the other authors on the blog hop. There are lots of great prizes to be won.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I did it!

I had a goal to write 1k words a day during the month of July and I reached it! Last night at 11:35pm, I typed word 31,045. So for August, I aim to write 50k words between my new Leslie DuBois novel Somehow, Someday and my Sybil Nelson book Dark Marco Vol. 2.

I've also decided to take a different road to marketing for the rest of the year. I intend raise my followers to 10k strong between facebook, twitter and my blogs.

Starting point.
Sybil Nelson blog: 47
Priscilla the Great blog: 757
Priscilla the Great facebook: 1,108
Leslie DuBois facebook: 357
Sybil Nelson twitter: 674
Priscilla the Great twitter: 1240

Total: 4183

So I need 5817 new followers by the end of December. I'm going to attempt to do this through contests and blogging my butt off. Let's see how it goes.